Children’s Dance Program

Class Descriptions of Dance Styles/Genres
Offered for Children and Teens
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A stylized combination of Jazz, Funk & Hip Hop. Commonly used by commercial Dancers.

Contemporary Dance:

Is an amalgam of systems, a form of musical expression which incorporates modern and post-modern aspects of dance, as well as classical dance styles such as ballet. As a technique, Contemporary dance is actually a mixture. If you take a modern class, it is generally one technique, like Graham, Horton, Cunningham or Limon. A contemporary teacher will build their own flair or creativity from one or many of these techniques.


Tap classes with Dance Lab focus on technique, rhythm and performance.


Junior and Senior – acceptance by audition only - A fabulous opportunity for the Showgroup to step into the big pond, attend workshops, to focus on their own development, teamwork and a valuable performance experience.  They will learn Dance routines which will be performed at show opportunities, end of year showcase or selected competitions.  It is a pre-requisite that All Showgroup students attend one classical ballet technique class as well as the specific showgroup JFH & Contemporary classes. DL Select: A select number of Senior Show group students who show commitment to their dance studies will be invited to make a chaperoned weekend trip with us to Sydney to attend specially selected classes specifically tailored to their strengths and preferences at Sydney Dance Company. Showgroup audition application’s are available on request.

Musical Theater GLEE LAB:

An all round performance experience. Musical theatre classes combine singing, spoken dialogue, acting, and dance. 

Tiny Tots:

The combination of Creative movement and basic dance technique with emphasis on building confidence and co-ordination.

Split Ballet/Jazz:

Half Ballet, Half Jazz, fun and exciting introduction to the world of dance. This class provides basic dance foundations and the diversity of learning two different dance styles.

HSC Dance Support Classes:

Offers the HSC student from Years 10, 11 & 12 the opportunity to extend and strengthen their technique training as well as explore safe dance technique and practice and expand all facets of their HSC course with our experienced HSC expert teacher who has scored remarkable results (high band 5 or Band 6) with many nominations for “Callback”.

SFC - Strength, Flexibility, Core

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